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Effective Defense Against Prohibited Weapon Offenses

If you have been charged with a prohibited weapons offense, weapons violation, PIC (possessing instruments of a crime) or carrying a gun without a permit in Pennsylvania, you are facing a serious charge. Often, a weapons charge is linked to other criminal charges. Do not take these charges lightly; each charge can mean increased fines and jail time.

We are criminal defense attorneys who have developed extensive trial experience as assistant district attorneys for Erie County. We know that the police will charge you with as many criminal charges as possible. As a client of Taylor and Taylor, LLP, it is our job to help you aggressively defend yourself against these charges. Our lawyers will craft a strategic defense plan to address your particular circumstances.

Serious Defense Against Serious Weapons Charges

Firearm violations and concealed weapons violations are often linked to other criminal charges such as drug crimes, DUI, theft, receiving stolen property and robbery. If you were charged with robbery involving the use of a gun or knife, this constitutes armed robbery and is a serious charge which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of state incarceration.

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