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Have You Been Accused Of Theft Charges?

In Erie County, Pennsylvania, theft is a frequently and regularly prosecuted crime. If you are charged with retail theft for a third time, you are facing felony charges and will have to serve jail time if convicted. However, an experienced lawyer can pursue strategies designed to help you avoid jail time and minimize penalties. Taylor and Taylor, LLP, is experienced in a wide range of criminal defense cases and can help with your charges.

If you have been charged with robbery, burglary, or theft by unlawful taking, you are facing jail time and even possible mandatory minimum sentences. As former assistant district attorneys, we have practiced law on both sides of the aisle and can use our deep knowledge and experience to build a strong defense for you.

Serious Help With Serious Charges

When you hire our law firm, it is our job to attempt to get these charges dropped or reduced. When charges are reduced, the corresponding jail time generally is reduced as well.

Robbery with weapon/firearm or armed robbery is very serious and carries a mandatory minimum of five years in the state prison. Do not take this charge lightly. If you tried to steal something and had a knife in your pocket, you may be charged with armed robbery, drastically increasing the penalties involved. If the charge of assault has also been brought against you, contact Taylor and Taylor, LLP.

To understand the charges against you and to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney, call our firm. Taylor and Taylor, LLP, would like to discuss your theft charges and any other charges you may be facing. Call 877-379-8508 or contact us online. Spanish speaking clients welcome.