Erie, PA, Lawyer for Juvenile Crimes

Criminal Defense Attorney: Help With Juvenile Crimes

If you are under 18 and have committed a crime such as assault or theft, you will need an attorney who has tried cases like yours hundreds of times.

These cases are heard in Juvenile Court and if you are convicted you may be sent to a detention facility or group home.

In addition, the Pennsylvania District Attorney's office may seek to charge you as an adult. Here in Pennsylvania, this is known as being Fischer-billed. Your case would be heard in a regular court, and, if convicted, you will be sent to the state penitentiary and subject to a mandatory minimum sentence just as if you were over 18 years of age.

Attempting to get what is known as decertified would mean that your case would be sent back to Juvenile Court. Our first step as your criminal defense attorneys would be to argue for decertification if necessary.

No matter what crime you have been charged with, it is in your best interests to be tried as a juvenile, not as an adult. With the stiffer penalties that go along with an adult conviction, it is critical to find a lawyer who knows criminal defense inside and out. In our years as Assistant District Attorneys, we have seen and tried virtually every criminal case there is.

Don't let a mistake as a juvenile ruin your record and your life.

To understand the charges against you and to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney, call our firm. Taylor and Taylor would like to discuss your juvenile criminal case, so please call 877-379-8508 or contact us online. Spanish speaking clients welcome.