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Erie, Pennsylvania, Lawyer for DUI/DAI Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney: Help With DUI

You have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) — Now what?

In Erie and northwestern Pennsylvania, most counties have a program called ARD: Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition. For first-time offenders, this program means probation instead of jail-time. Upon completion of ARD, there would be an expungement, which erases the DUI charge from your permanent record. ARD is not available in every situation, but you should seek out the advice of a skilled lawyer to find out the full extent of your options.

To understand the charges against you and to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney, call us.  Call 877-379-8508 or contact us online. Spanish speaking clients welcome.

Mandatory minimums for DUI convictions are stiff. Getting the correct legal advice is imperative. Criminal defense attorneys Raquel Taylor and Garrett Taylor have helped clients defend their charges and restore their rights. We help clients with:

  • First offense DUI
  • Closely followed second DUI, which may be able to be heard at the same time as a first offense
  • Repeat DUI
  • Underage DUI
  • Field sobriety test problems
  • Vehicular assault or homicide charges related to drunk driving accidents
  • Underage drinking and driving
  • DUI cases for those with commercial driver's licenses (CDLs)
  • Boating under the influence (BUI)
  • Road blocks and DUI arrest
  • Suspended license

Taylor and Taylor would like to discuss your case.  Call 877-379-8508 or contact us online. Spanish speaking clients welcome.

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