Skilled Attorneys For DUI And Criminal Defense

Having practiced law on both the prosecution and the defense side, our attorneys can provide well-rounded legal representation to Pennsylvania clients facing serious criminal charges, and families and parents needing help with divorce and family law.

Comprehensive Criminal Law Representation

Taylor and Taylor, LLP, regularly assists clients with a multitude of legal issues, including:

  • DUI: Learn more about ARD and how it can help you.
  • Underage drinking/college students: We can help defend the charges against you and help keep it off your permanent record.
  • Drug charges: If you've been charged with possession or distribution of drugs, we are here to help.
  • Domestic violence: Providing defense for the falsely accused.
  • Theft: It's important to know that if you are charged and convicted of retail theft, your third time is a felony. Get help from a lawyer with experience.
  • Assault: Get help defending an assault charge: simple, aggravated or sexual assault.
  • Juvenile crimes: Underage charges need a strong defense. If you are going to be tried as an adult, you need a lawyer who knows criminal defense law.
  • Weapons violations: If you've been charged with a prohibited weapons offense, contact Taylor and Taylor, LLP.

As former assistant district attorneys, we know the prosecutor mindset. As current criminal defense attorneys, we know both sides of the law. We have extensive trial and litigation experience and have hands-on experience researching, preparing and trying cases in both a jury setting and in front of a judge.

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