Knowledgeable Defense Against Drug Charges

In Erie County, there is a program that is being underused. It is called PWOV, probation without verdict and it can work very well for clients in specific situations.

Depending on what kind of drug charge you are facing, you may be eligible for PWOV. The PWOV program allows you to serve probation for certain drug charges, but you need attorneys who know what is required for admission into this program.

In terms of jobs, it is important that any charge or conviction not show up during an employer's routine background check. An expungement can erase the charge or conviction. It is a separate legal action we can take once your probation is served. Contact us online.

Skilled Defense For Alleged Dealers

Choosing a lawyer with experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney is a smart first move. Mandatory minimum sentences are one to five years. Judges do not have any discretion as to whether the mandatory minimum sentence should be applied. If the DA is seeking imposition of the mandatory minimum sentence it must be applied. Clients are commonly charged with drug possession or possession with intent to deliver. As your law firm, it is our job to attempt to get these charges dropped. If they cannot be dropped, we will attempt to have the charges reduced. When charges are reduced, the corresponding jail time generally is reduced as well.

In drug cases, the Commonwealth routinely moves for forfeiture of your property, including cash, cell phones and even your vehicle. You need an attorney familiar with forfeiture practices.

To understand the charges against you and to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney, call our firm. Taylor and Taylor, LLP, represents clients throughout western Pennsylvania. Call 877-379-8508 or contact us online. Spanish speaking clients welcome.