Defending Against Assault And Other Criminal Charges

Assault charges usually break down into three categories: simple assaults, aggravated assaults and sexual assaults. Simple assaults, including simply assaults by mutual affray (fighting), are misdemeanors which carry potential jail time. These include misunderstandings that escalate into punching or hitting and bar fights. These cases can become complex because of the involvement of alcohol. Harassment, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and terroristic threats are also misdemeanors. Aggravated assaults are felonies that carry very stiff penalties usually, including state prison time.

Sexual assault, statutory sexual assault and rape are very serious charges and can involve very lengthy mandatory minimum sentences. Furthermore, many of these cases trigger the provisions of Megan's Law, which requires registration with the Pennsylvania State Police. You need a lawyer who has tried these cases before. As former assistant district attorneys we have tried to verdict countless of these cases.

Taylor and Taylor, LLP, also represents clients accused of homicide/manslaughter. Those facing homicide charges are confronting the full power of the Commonwealth. Prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions in these cases and the consequences of a guilty verdict can mean life in prison. Don't go it alone. It is critical to have skilled legal counsel by your side from the very beginning of your case.

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Strong Defense Against Other Criminal Charges

In addition to assault charges, our law firm also represents clients facing serious criminal charges such as:

  • Domestic assault — defending those accused of this crime, as well as assisting victims of domestic violence in obtaining protection from abuse (PFA) orders
  • Theft charges — including robbery, burglary and theft by unlawful taking charges
  • Weapons offenses — providing aggressive defense to clients accused of prohibited weapons offenses, weapons violations, possessing instruments of a crime, or carrying a gun without a permit

In talking about your case, we may need to question witnesses or hire a private investigator. We will thoroughly investigate your case and build a strong defense. Our attorneys will attempt to have the charges against you dropped. If they cannot be dropped, Taylor and Taylor, LLP, will attempt to have the charges reduced. When charges are reduced, the corresponding jail time generally is reduced as well.

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